Clementine & Orange Aero trifles 3 syns

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Ingredients for Clementine & Orange Aero trifles.
8 clementines (speed)
Aldi Banana custard yoghurts x 2 (1 syn)
Aldi fat free Greek Yoghurt (free)
White chocolate options 11g pouch (2 syns)
Hartleys sugar free orange jelly crystals (1.5 syns)
25g Grated Aldi orange bubbly chocolate (7 syns)

Method for Clementine & Orange Aero trifles.

Set the fruit in jelly
Add the banana Custard yoghurt
Whisk Greek Yoghurt with white chocolate pouch
Grate chocolate
Makes 4
12 syns total/ 3 syns each

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