Chocolate Pudding Cake

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Introducing the mouth-watering and indulgent Pudding Cake recipe!

This recipe is a perfect blend of rich chocolatey flavor and creamy texture that will leave you feeling satisfied and guilt-free.

To make this delicious recipe, you will need:

Optavia Chocolate Fudge Pudding (1 serving)
Optavia Decadent Chocolate Brownie (1 serving)
Optavia Drizzled Chocolate Fudge Crisp Bar (1 serving)
Optavia Chocolate Mint Cookie Crisp Bar (1 serving)

How to prepare

To start, prepare the brownie mix as per the package instructions, and I usually use the microwave method.

Once it’s done, divide the brownie into three equal portions and place them in separate bowls or dishes.

Next, prepare the chocolate pudding according to the package instructions and pour an equal amount over each of the three brownie portions.

Finally, heat the chocolate drizzle bar for 15 seconds and crumble it over the top of each dish.

If you prefer, you can mix all the parts together, similar to what is shown in the photo.

However, if you want a fancier presentation, you can layer the chopped brownie, pudding, and crumbled bar on top of each other.

For this recipe, one serving is equal to one fueling, but I like to add one tablespoon of cool whip on top, which counts as one condiment, but this is optional.

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